Andreea Campeanu

Andreea Campeanu is a Romanian photographer and videographer. She does news and documentary photography and video, as well as experimental video-art, and she has a MA in Visual Anthropology from Free University in Berlin.

Her work often focuses on documenting issues related to displacement and the effects of conflict. Andreea has covered the ramifications of war in South Sudan, Central African Republic and Ukraine. She also frequently covers stories related to the environment, as well as arts, fashion sports culture in marginalised countries or communities.

She lived and worked in Romania, Sudan, South Sudan, Madagascar and Lebanon. She also covered stories in Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, Mali, Kenya, Uganda.

Andreea Campeanu

Descrizioni delle foto

1 – French soldiers conduct a daytime patrol in a neighbourhood in Bangui, where shooting continued overnight in the capital.
Soldati francesi conducono una pattuglia diurna in un quartiere di Bangui, dove gli spari sono proseguiti durante la notte nella capitale.
Central African Republic, Bangui. December 26, 2013.
©REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu
2 – The decomposing body of man lies on the ground in Bor, South Sudan. The violence since mid-December 2013, the worst in South Sudan since it won its independence from Sudan in 2011, has killed thousands of people and driven more than half a million from their homes.
Il corpo in decomposizione dell’uomo giace a terra a Bor, nel Sud Sudan. La violenza dalla metà di dicembre 2013, la peggiore in Sud Sudan da quando ha vinto la sua indipendenza dal Sudan nel 2011, ha ucciso migliaia di persone e spinto più di mezzo milione lontano dalle loro case.
South Sudan, Bor. January 25, 2014.
©REUTERS/Andreea Campeanu
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