Ali Haj Suleiman

In 2011, I was 12 years old. I lived in Damascus and I dreamed of being a doctor to help people. In 2013 my father was arrested by the Syrian regime forces in Damascus.

I went back with my family to Idlib, my father’s original home. I stopped my studies and started working to help my family.

A year later, in 2014, I started my activity archiving photographic content within an organisation.

I decided in 2017 to carry my camera and join the ranks of the media who document the suffering of Syrians and the humanitarian violations against civilians.

I worked as a Freelance photographer with many newspapers and news sites such as Middle East Eye and Al Jazeera English.

Ali Haj Suleiman

Descrizioni delle foto

1 – A man holding a child’s toy weeps in a house in southern Idlib hit by a pro-Syrian government rocket attack.
Un uomo piange stringendo tra le mani il giocattolo di un bambino in una casa nel sud di Idlib colpita da un attacco missilistico del governo filo-siriano.

2 – The grandfather carries the body of his granddaughter, who was killed as a result of the bombing of the Russian warplanes on their house north of Idlib city.
Il nonno porta il corpo di sua nipote, uccisa a seguito del bombardamento degli aerei da guerra russi sulla loro casa a nord della città di Idlib.

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