Rodwy Cazon

Rodwy Franz Cazon Barrios, was born on August 28, 1992, studied electronics and now studying telecommunications engineering.

Despite her studies, she is passionate about photography and especially photojournalism, where she can reflect a reality that others cannot see, she is involved in the photojournalism for 3 years, currently working in a local newspaper La Razón.

Descrizione della foto

1 – On the Bolivia – Chile border in the town of Pisiga, several people decide to cross the border for different reasons, some to be able to return to the country and also many migrants who want to cross the border to be able to work, other people carry out micro-smuggling, passing products to both countries with a illegal commerce. The borders are currently open with strict control for those who decide to move from country to country.
Al confine Bolivia – Cile nella città di Pisiga, diverse persone decidono di varcare il confine per varie ragioni, alcuni per poter tornare nel Paese. Molti migranti cercano di superare il confine per poter lavorare, altri per effettuare del micro-contrabbando, passando prodotti in entrambi i paesi con il commercio illegale. Le frontiere sono attualmente aperte con stretto controllo per chi decide di spostarsi da un paese all’altro.
Oruro, Bolivia 02/19/2022

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