Pompei Street Festival 2022

Andreea Campeanu

Andrea Campeanu

Andreea Campeanu is a Romanian photographer and videographer. She does news and documentary photography and video, as well as experimental video-art, and she has a MA in Visual Anthropology from Free University in Berlin. Her work often focuses on documenting issues related to displacement and the effects of conflict. Andreea has covered the ramifications of war in South Sudan, Central African Republic and Ukraine. She also frequently covers stories related to the environment, as well as arts, fashion sports culture […]

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Ali Haj Suleiman

Ali Haj Suleiman

In 2011, I was 12 years old. I lived in Damascus and I dreamed of being a doctor to help people. In 2013 my father was arrested by the Syrian regime forces in Damascus. I went back with my family to Idlib, my father’s original home. I stopped my studies and started working to help my family. A year later, in 2014, I started my activity archiving photographic content within an organisation. I decided in 2017 to carry my camera

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